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talking points

so, i was doing some reading and i came across talking points. hence in my next night out and meeting people i for the 1st time, i will ask at ONE of these questions.

• "Is there more to you than meets the eye?
• "What do you want to be when you grow up?
• "what's really important is the energy, the intelligence, the little things about a person that make him unique. What are some things about you that would make me want to get to know you better?"
• "If a magician came along and you could be poof anything you want to be . . . what would you choose?
• "Who are you?"
• "Do you like animals?
• "How old are you?"
• "So tell me, what are your three best qualities?
• "Did you go to school? Are you smart? Do you have lots of friends?"
• "Are you a passionate person?
• "There are some people who... they think they're open-minded and adventurous. They make all these great plans... they talk about meeting new people, or going on a diet, or taking a cool trip. But they don't. They just sit around doing the same old boring shit, over and over again, Are you like that?"
• "What's your favorite color?"
• "What did you think of high school?"
• "What did you eat for dinner last night?"
• "Have you ever been to the hospital emergency room?"
• "How old where you when you first got drunk?"
• "Did you and your siblings keep secrets?"
• "Ever had a very rough breakup?"
• "What's your favorite food, vacation, or place to visit?"



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