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songs today.

Carlos Santana has been serenading me this morning. “Se A Cabo” is an eyegasmic experience. The beats will take you into a sexy trance. A good follow up song is “smooth”. This is best served if you got Bose Noise Reduction earphones. When you close your eyes you are transported to a street party with fairy lights and awesome samba in a sea of eye poppin colors.

On a high is the perfect road trip song to the beach. Its best listened to while driving during sunset with full volume and loads of laughter. I could imagine this song to be sung while cruising “I'm on a high, on a high / There's nothing more to it / I have the sun, it's a star / Why should I refuse it? /”

I met someone who has “down with the sickness” as a preferred The Disturbed song. I like “this moment” more than it. I guess the reason why he likes it more is because of the adrenaline war drums in the intro. Probably influenced by his drumming while I on the other hand liked “this moment” because of the metal guitar feel. I love guitars.

I wanna be with you by Mandy Moore,  lost in you by Garth Brooks, I wanna know by Joe, everytime I close my eyes by Babyface, lovely by Michelle Tumes, at last By Etta James, you give me something by James Morrison. These songs have been playing constantly non-stop in my playlist. On repeat all the time. these songs mean so much to me